Very few buildings in Brno can tell such a unique story

The year 1252…


During the time the Cistercian monastery Studnice Blahoslavené Panny Marie (The Well of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and the Žďár settlement were founded and the first mentions of Zelný trh occured.

No one at the time could have predicted what fate awaited the future. 

Almost 300 years later


In 1537 one of the houses around the Zelny trh - the house of the Lords of Lipa was purchased by the Cistercian cloister in Zdar.

Where does the baroque appearance originate?

In 1737 the palace gained its late Baroque form under the leadership of the cloister abbot - Frantisek Antonin Grimm.

The palace remained a property of the Cistercian Order until the cloister closure in 1784.

Abbots were replaced by Lídl

Later the palace belonged to the Brno’s prestige Townsman, Philipp Radlische Erben. At the end of the 18th century, an Inn called “By the beautiful slave” was opened there.

It has changed many hands until 1904 when its new owner, internationally renowned musical instruments manufacturer, Josef Lidl established his company headquarters there.

“We have discovered an old house and on its history we want to build the future.”

The return of life to a forgotten palace

A complete renovation was necessary, as the palace deteriorated for the past 60 years. And this was not an easy task.

Since 1958, the palace is included in the cultural heritage list. Every detail had to be consulted with the National Heritage Institute. Original baroque windows, wall paintings and historical fixtures – all this had to be taken into consideration during the reconstruction. 

We proudly opened our doors in November 2018.

It is opened. And we were visited by the TV show Dobré Ráno

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