138 square meters

 of breathtaking beauty

Renting the Fresco Hall

The unique Fresco Hall is available for your next social event. It is a unique and fascinating space, in its original, historic state with an undeniable genius loci.

With this appearance it is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, exhibitions, gala evenings, conferences, meetings etc.

The space is accessible for wheelchair users and has a maximum capacity of 60-80 people (60 in a theatre setup in the main hall, the foyer is appropriate for a reception of approximately 30 people).

Inhouse catering is avalable upon request.

Equipment available:

· Sound equipment
· Projector
· Furniture
· Lighting
· Toilets

If interested in renting the hall, please email: freskovysal@zelnytrh10.cz or call +420 721 436 379

* photo for MILE magazine: Lucie Urban

The fresco hall with the foyer and backrooms

The hall has a mirror covered arch with rich fresco decorations on the ceiling and walls. The ceiling is framed with a profiled stucco frame. Grey and brownish tones are artistically employed to portray rocaille motives as well as strips and grids of acanthus flower motifs. The periphery of the walls are lined with decorative framed planes, diverse landscapes, architecture and staffage figures.

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